New methods of supplying energy, water and cooling

We are working on the development of engines for the following areas:

  1. Utilization of free energy from the quantum vacuum (zero-point-energy)

We are working on tapping a type of energy, which is permanently available anywhere on earth, free of costs, in unlimited quantities. This type of energy is absolutely environmentally friendly and perfectly healthy. 

  1. Drinking water production: Free water everywhere, even in the desert – desert greening

All over the world, the air contains water vapor. In many regions, there is enough water vapor in the air that it condenses on its own. The drops are falling as rain. In some regions, however, the natural rain is not enough to irrigate the arable land. In such cases, the water can be condensed from the water vapor in the air, in order to supply all types of water consumption. Therefore, cooling units can be driven, either with the energy from solar cells or with free energy, and the use of a special condenser. This method is also absolutely environmentally friendly and perfectly healthy.

  1. Cleansing the oceans and the earth’s atmosphere

Using free energy, plastic waste can be removed from the oceans, as well as carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. Both residual substances are available free of charge and contain carbon, which can be converted into oil, being supported by free energy, as well as plastic components can be produced from the carbon. The methods are not only environmentally friendly, but even more, active environmental protection, because the atmosphere and oceans are being cleaned.